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13 Oct 2022 4:16 PM | Society of Canadian Aquatic Sciences (Administrator)

The Society of Canadian Aquatic Sciences (SCAS) and Canadian Science Publishing (CSP) are thrilled to announce our new partnership.

CSP is Canada’s largest not-for-profit scientific journal publisher, publishing several journals that connect with SCAS members, including: Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences (CJFAS), Canadian Journal of Zoology, Environmental Reviews, and FACETS. Our mutual respect for environmental science and its advancement in Canada make this collaboration natural and especially compelling.

We are both organizations that value world-class research and exceptional, peer-reviewed publications as a foundation for science communication. Our shared commitment to the development of a diverse, inclusive, equitable, and just community underlies everything we do and fortifies our passion for evidence-informed decision making.

Thanks to this partnership, CSP will support SCAS through:

● continued sponsorship of the Frank Rigler Award and Stevenson Lectureship, including CJFAS submission invitations for recipients,

● webinars and other resources for early-career SCAS members interested in understanding the publication process,

● development of special issues and symposium proposals from SCAS members, with a particular interest in those organized by, or featuring, early-career members,

● promotion of SCAS members’ works on CSP communication channels, and

● discounted rates for subscriptions to CSP journals.

Dr. Kerri Finlay, President of SCAS:

“Canadian Aquatic Scientists have had a long history of publishing, editing, reviewing, and reading manuscripts in CSP journals. This formalized partnership further strengthens the relationship between the organizations and affirms our commitment to high-quality aquatic science research and early career support.”

Dr. Sherestha Saini, Managing Editor, Environmental Sciences Journals at CSP:

“This symbiotic partnership furthers the goals of aquatic research excellence and early-career researcher support that CSP and SCAS are both dedicated to achieving and sustaining. We are excited to continue championing integrity and innovation in environmental science alongside SCAS members that work so diligently to accomplish the same.”

About the Society of Canadian Aquatic Sciences

The Society of Canadian Aquatic Sciences (SCAS) was formed in 2022 as an amalgamation of the Society of Canadian Limnologists (SCL) and the Canadian Conference of Fisheries Research (CCFFR). SCAS strives to be the leading scientific society for the excellence, integration, and dissemination of expert knowledge in fisheries, limnology, and aquatic sciences.

About Canadian Science Publishing

Canadian Science Publishing (CSP) is Canada’s independent, not-for-profit leader in mobilizing science, making sure it is easy to discover, use, and share. Featuring content from a global community of researchers, CSP is Canada’s largest publisher of scientific journals, publishing 22 peer-reviewed journals that cover the natural and physical sciences and engineering.

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