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5 Reasons to Join SCAS

2024 SCAS
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SCAS strives to 
be the leading 
scientific society 
for the excellence, 
integration, and 
dissemination of 
expert knowledge
in fisheries, 
limnology, and
aquatic sciences.

Strengthening Canada’s 
efforts to protect our 
aquatic systems.


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Who are we?

The Society of Canadian Aquatic Sciences is an organization committed to exploring, understanding and protecting Canada’s aquatic ecosystems. We welcome people from all sectors (e.g., industry, government, academic), disciplines (e.g., limnology, ecology, oceanography, policy), roles (e.g., scientists, practitioners, policy makers) and career stages (e.g., trainees, retirees). Our interests include aquatic plants and animals of every size and shape from whales to plankton, that live in our oceans, estuaries, lakes, rivers, ponds and wetlands. In order to expand and share our understanding of these organisms and ecosystems we arrange conferences, workshops, blogs and training. We would like you to join us in expanding and refining our understanding aquatic ecosystems and in ensuring that this understanding supports responsible management of these essential systems.

We invite you to explore our web site and review our vision, mission and core purposes. We welcome all who are interested in understanding aquatic ecosystems and in sharing knowledge.

Aquatic Science

The term “Aquatic Sciences” includes scientific work on aquatic systems (wetlands, freshwater and marine systems) and their boundaries, including the impact of human activities on these systems. The term has a broad scope that includes both molecular-level mechanistic studies and investigations at the whole ecosystem scale, including fish ecology. All terrestrial organisms, including humans, rely on these systems for food, transportation, energy production and benefits from the cycle of rain, runoff and groundwater. Aquatic science helps us to understand how aquatic systems function and provides information to guide regulations and policies that protect our aquatic ecosystems so that they can be self-sustaining.

The Society of Canadian Aquatic Sciences has been formed to enhance our understanding of aquatic systems and to highlight areas where urgent action to protect and restore these systems is necessary. We hope that by providing information, fora for discussions and tools for enhanced networking that we can strengthen Canada’s actions to protect aquatic systems from intolerable stress.


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