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2023 Stevenson Award Recipient

Dr. Stephanie Green

Assistant Professor
Department of Biological Sciences 

University of Alberta

The Stevenson Lectureship is a prestigious lectureship instituted in memory of Cam Stevenson, the long-time Editor of the Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences (CJFAS). The lectureship is conferred upon a young, energetic, and creative researcher at the cutting edge of an aquatic discipline.

The Lecturer delivers a stimulating presentation of their work as the keynote address in the opening session of the annual Canadian Conference for Fisheries Research (CCFFR) meeting. The Lecturer is invited to submit a manuscript, based on their Stevenson Lecture, to CJFAS.

The 2023 winner is Dr. Stephanie Green, Canada Research Chair in Aquatic Global Change Ecology & Conservation, and Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Alberta. Dr. Green is the PI of the Aquatic Global Change Ecology and Conservation Laboratory at the University of Alberta. The Green Lab studies the causes and consequences of biodiversity change in aquatic ecosystems. Their work covers a range of topics, with many of their papers focusing on science-based tools to inform conservation and restoration decision-making. Since starting her faculty position, Dr. Green has published well over 25 papers and has supervised 8 graduate and 6 undergraduate students.

We look forward to the meeting in Montreal where Dr. Green will present a plenary lecture on her exciting research.


In the Spring of each year, a call for nominations is sent to the Chairs of zoology and biology departments across Canada, as well as to the research directors of Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Environment Canada, and the National Research Council. The list of nominees is then sent to the CJFAS Editorial Board, who provide recommendations and justification for their selections.

At this time, the award is administered by CJFAS editors.


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